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Dinosaur Comics on Hilbert’s Hotel

Dinosaur Comics on Hilbert's Hotel - Preview

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Science Links for Nov 26

Extinction looms as 1500 species in danger

NORTHERN Australia is facing a fresh wave of potentially catastrophic mammal extinctions, experts warn.

Why dolphins are deep thinkers

All the dolphins at the institute are trained to hold onto any litter that falls into their pools until they see a trainer, when they can trade the litter for fish. In this way, the dolphins help to keep their pools clean. Kelly has taken this task one step further. When people drop paper into the water she hides it under a rock at the bottom of the pool. The next time a trainer passes, she goes down to the rock and tears off a piece of paper to give to the trainer. After a fish reward, she goes back down, tears off another piece of paper, gets another fish, and so on.

A vegetarian spider

The spider eats the juicy orange tips (“Beltian bodies”) of the leaves of the acacia tree, which are protected by ants in a classic mutualist relationship…

Susumu Ohno’s original definition of junk DNA:

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On the Origin of Species

Today is the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s masterpiece, the first edition of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. It’s been a while since I last read it, and my view of evolution has changed several times since – so I’m not going to try and review it. I will say that it’s well worth a read 🙂

I had originally hoped to finish The Voyage of the Beagle well before this date, but my unexpectedly starting an honour’s degree got somewhat in the way of that: thus the now 6-month delay on that! As soon as I get this thesis finished (I will finish it… I will finish it… I will finish it…) I’ll get back on it.

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