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Moving the caveat banner

One change requested on the Skeptics Stack Exchange is to make the “rapidly changing” caveat on questions like this one more prominent. I liked the idea, so I wrote a user script in the mean time to do it. It adds a border around the right and bottom of the post, leading to the notification.

This will work either in Firefox (with Greasemonkey installed), Chrome (with restart) or Opera. There are extensions for other browsers (GreaseKit for Safari, Trixie for IE), but I haven’t tested with them.

What it does:

  • Adds a border leading to notices (like bounties, current events and lack of references)
  • Makes all notices bold

Download now!


  • 1.1: Removed moving to top, using border now
  • 1.0: Original version
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Canberra Skeptics in the Pub

Canberra Skeptics in the Pub is held on the third sunday of each month at King O’Malley’s pub at 1pm (in the city).

Via the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, I learnt of plans to have a skeptic’s in the pub in Canberra on Sunday. It’s on at 4pm at King O’Malley’s (in the city). I’ll be there.

There’s even a Facebook page: Canberra Skeptics in the Pub.

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Logical Fallacy Theater

Logical fallacy theater

Click through for full comic. Comic 109 is good too, but you were already subscribed to Tree Lobsters, right?

Surely I’ll have some original content soon!

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Utterly meaningless plug

One of my favourite podcasts is the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe. Personally, I found the interview with ornithologist Richard Prum in the most recent episode utterly fascinating, so, in the extraordinarily unlikely event that you’ve come across my blog but not the SGU, go listen (and subscribe) to it now!

I’ve currently got experiments running every which way, which is why progress on The Voyage of the Beagle has been rather sluggish lately. I’m not going to explain this graph, but, suffice to say, if my hypothesis had been correct, the green line would have risen faster than the blue, maroon or orange lines.


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