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The next three weeks: a test, an exam, three four assignments, and the rest of a thesis. And maybe a paper too. Someone had better tell my boss I’m going to be taking a bit of leave…

On the plus side, after I get this thesis written, maybe I can get back to blogging the Beagle, eh? It’s only been about five months…

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Just in case you couldn’t get enough of my occasional posts on this blog, you can read my occasional tweets on my twitter feed. I’m feeling Web 2.1 already!

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I haven’t quite gotten around to publishing any papers just yet, but I’m glad to have learnt the 123 easy steps to public a scientific comment. I’m sure that’ll come in handy. Dr. Free-Ride has also posted some commentary on the topic.
Hat-tip: Cat Dynamics

Astronomy Cast is always brilliant and educational, but I particularly enjoyed the most recent episodes:

If you’re crazy enough to not already be listening to Astronomy Cast, go listen to them now!

And you’ll want to listen to Ben Goldacre in this segment of The Now Show, discussing the flaws in science reporting and how this has damaged public perceptions of science:


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Historical tweets

This is just hilarous.

You know, I could finish blogging the Beagle much faster if I just reduced it to tweets. So much of it is about birds, anyway, and even the whale has merited a mention.
via Bug Girl.

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Silence is the Enemy

In modern times, we’ve seen mass rape as an element of warfare in Congo, Darfur, Bosnia, Rwanda, Liberia — but the lesson here in Liberia in West Africa is that even when the fighting ends, the rape continues.
Nicholas Kristov, After Wars, Mass Rapes Persist

Young girls, some as young as three, are victims of the mass culture of rape and sexual abuse that persists in western Africa. More than half of Liberian women have been raped in the aftermath of the civil war. This situation has led Sheril Kirshenbaum over at The Intersection to start a coalition of bloggers to spread awareness of the problem. There are already many great posts up, and you can see the whole coalition here.

So, what can we do? Well, if you’ve got a blog, join in and spread the word! Write to or call your elected representatives – political interest is going to be necessary in bringing about change. And donate to charities that help to make a difference. Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as Doctors Without Borders) provides medical care in some of the most war-torn and impoverished areas of the world. You can give tax-deductable donations if you live in Australia, the USA, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates or the United Kingdom. And it’s easy!.

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I’m swamped with assignments right now, so much so that I’ve barely managed to get any research done for several weeks now. Let alone chapters, and let’s face it, Tierra del Fuego was never going to be an easy one. My team did come third in the Australian finals for the Imagine Cup, though.

Also, check out the Silence Is The Enemy blogswarm.

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