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Photo #12 – Moon, Venus and Mars

Tonight’s sky had another conjunction of the Moon with Mars and Venus, and so I got my camera and tripod out 😀

This photo includes all three:
Moon, Venus and Mars

And here’s just Venus and the Moon:
Moon and Mars

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Photo #10 – Moon, Venus and Mars

This is actually my first astronomy photo – I quite like how it turned out. Photographed in Canberra, 13 August 2010.

You can click to embiggen.

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Happy birthday, Galileo!

Galileo Galilei, born 15 Feb 1564, has been described as the “Father of Modern Science”. His observations helped provide important evidence for the heliocentric theory and to destroy the Aristotelian notion of the “unchanging perfection of the heavens”. He also promoted the idea that the laws of nature are mathematical in nature. His rejection of philosophical and religious authority in favour of experimental results helped to separate science from philosophy and theology.

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