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An amazing discovery

Tom Nelson has made an amazing discovery, sure to shock the scientific and mathematical worlds!

Apparently, if you look at a bunch of different numbers, some of them are higher than average! Shock! Someone alert the statistics community, they’ve got to know about this! Of course it would be copied onto WUWT and Climate Depot. Is there any notion of quality control on those sites?

Here’s a map (from NASA’s GISS). The average, as you can see, is an anomaly of 0.51°C. You’ll notice that some regions have a larger anomaly than this, they’re coloured orange, red and dark red (as well as probably most of the medium-orange ones). Those regions are warming faster than average. The others aren’t.

Oh, and part of Nelson’s post is a link to a completely off-topic post on Mars on the website of some scumbag.

July 26, 2010 at 12:26 am Comments (0)